Samsung Galaxy S10 Early Pre-Order Page Surfaces On Samsung Phillipines Website

The Galaxy S10 is right around the corner with only a few days remain for Samsung to finally unveil its 10th generation of flagship devices. Apart from a plethora of leaks we’ve gathered throughout 2018 and still counting, it is safe to say that the S10 will surely be influential. The smartphone is surely going to break a bunch of barriers with having a notch-less display while maintaining a 90%+ screen to body ratio, not to mention all the different variants along with their pricing.

Samsung has clearly gone all out for the upcoming S10 and they certainly want to make everything perfect for the 10-year anniversary. With time ticking down the clock an early pre-order page for the upcoming Galaxy S10 surfaces on Samsung Philippines website. The page clearly states that the S10 will be iconic, to say the least. The website page allows users to subscribe to their early pre-order access list with chances of winning freebies worth up to P30,700 roughly equaling to about $590. The offer stays valid for a limited time and will end on Febuary 17, 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Early Pre-Order Page Surfaces On Samsung Phillipines Website 4

It seems crystal clear for enthusiasts that something rather huge is coming towards them and it won’t just be the leaks. With almost every detail about the Galaxy, S10 gathered around way before the actual launch, we are certain that Samsung would bring in something new and unexpected to the table which would set the standard for the year. With substantial improvements in practically every section, the S10 is bound to succeed and with Samsung actually releasing a budget “Lite” variant things will surely be interesting. 

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