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EA Access Mysteriously Appears On The Brazillian PSN Store

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Ibtehaj Temuri
Ibtehaj Temuri
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A Reddit user spotted an EA Access tile on the Brazillian PSN store. The image shows a tile labelled “EA Access Now Available” in Spanish with a very believable picture. Although the leak does not hold any solid evidence yet the appearance does make sense.

Subscription based video game services have gained a lot of traction over the past couple of years. With users leaning more towards subscription services than buying a full fledged title for its full price. Studies show that gamers would rather pay a monthly fee for a select game than pay the full price once.

Sony’s stance in subscription-based services is definitely worth mentioning. The PS Now service is one of many which provides quality titles for users to enjoy for a monthly fee. Just like that EA has come up with EA Access, a service inaugurated a few years ago to bring subscription-based gaming to EA titles. The service has gained popularity on the Xbox One platform but it seems now that EA plans on expanding.

With more and more titles published by EA, the opportunity to enjoy them all for a fraction of the price is undoubtedly a wise option. Having to pay a small fee each month. EA has already covered Xbox and PC with its services and now only the PS4 remains and it seems to be the publisher’s next target.

The talk of EA has definitely stirred the community since the game library is huge and the talk of EA Access on the PS4 is a win-win for enthusiasts. Having literally no competition EA could take advantage of this opportunity and control the entire market according to its needs while keeping the player base happy. Some may be hopeful for EA to make an announcement and others may dislike the thought of another paid service but one thing is for sure and that is the fact that in the future we’ll be seeing more and more subscription-based services. Having to pay a small fee instead of a full $60 price for multiple games is truly a dream come true and PS4 users wouldnt mind having the opportunity.


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