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Jump Force Roadmap Revealed – Cites Addition For New Characters

Jump Force the had quite the bad launch this year. It may be the worst game launches we have seen in recent years. But now, Bandai Namco has announced a roadmap for the game that will be adding more content for 2019. There will be monthly updates from April till August. These updates will contain free content as well as six new Playable Paid DLC Characters.

Some of the details have been revealed regarding the new playable paid DLC characters. We shall receive at least 6 new playable characters, one of which have been revealed to be Seto Kaiba from the anime Yu Gi Oh! Seto Kaiba has the ability to use Duel Monsters at his aid via Duel Monster Cards, just like Yu Gi Oh. It will be interesting to see which of his Duel Monsters Cards we will get to see in the game. The other 5 characters are still a mystery and are yet to be revealed by Bandai Namco. There will also be new events, features, stages, avatar costumes, and avatar skills.

Jump Force Roadmap Revealed - Cites Addition For New Characters 4

It would have benefited Jump Force much more if Bandai Namco had revealed a roadmap that was filled with improvements to the game itself rather than just adding content of which the main parts are behind Paid DLC, the characters themselves. With the bad launch this game has suffered, they need to be working towards making this game better. Perhaps add character voices in each cutscene, change the animation to make it look a bit more natural, and improve the game overall. These types of changes will be better received and will turn this game into a masterpiece. The concept, if executed properly, is one that attracts a lot of gamers and anime fans.

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