Don’t Underestimate Samsung’s Upcoming Galaxy A Device – Here Are Our Predictions

Samsung is expected to reveal a major Galaxy A device at this year’s Galaxy A-series launch event. With the shocking announcement of the event, we were left in awe to see Samsung calling for a dedicated event for their Galaxy A-series of devices, something that Samsung doesn’t do all that often.

Following the announcement, we began speculating what the upcoming Galaxy A event may have in store for us. Samsung’s presence in the mid-range market has shaken its Chinese competitors to its core. For the longest time, Samsung had been failing to gain any traction from the mid-range market due to the fact that Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Huawei had taken over the mid-range market by littering the market with every device and spec sheet you could think of. However, as Samsung transitions into the whole foldable hype, Samsung has hit the mid-range market hard with a number of impressive devices featuring decent price tags.

The first series of shockers hit the Indian market with the launch of the Galaxy M-series of devices, namely, the Galaxy M20 and M30. MWC 2019 introduced us to two new mid-range devices from Samsung, the Galaxy A30 and A50. Following their announcement, four more devices have emerged from the rumor mill, namely, the Galaxy A10, A40, A60 & A90, suggesting the development of all four devices. Now while Samsung hasn’t revealed how many devices they would be revealing at the event, we could definitely hope that the event is at least dedicated to one high-end Galaxy A device.

Samsung Could Release Up To Four Devices

One of the core focuses of Samsung’s new Galaxy A-series of devices is featuring a large battery, a decent spec sheet and a decent set of cameras paired with their incredible displays. Both, the Galaxy A30 and A50 feature 4000mAh batteries. However, only the latter of the two features an under-display fingerprint sensor.

ModelSamsung Galaxy A30 (2019)Samsung Galaxy A50 (2019)Samsung Galaxy A50
Samsung Galaxy A80 (2019)
Size6.4"-inch6.4"-inch6.7" -inch6.7"-inch
Display6.4“-inch (2340×1080) AMOLED6.4“-inch (2340×1080) AMOLED6.7“-inch (2340×1080) AMOLED 6.7-inch FHD+ (1080×2400) Super AMOLED
ProcessorSamsung Exynos 7904Samsung Exynos 9610Qualcomm Snapdragon 650Qualcomm Snapdragon 675
Storage32/64GB64/128GB128 GB128 GB
CamerasRear | 16+5MP (Main + Ultrawide)
Selfie | 16MP
Rear | 25+8+5MP (Main + Ultrawide + Depth)
Selfie | 25MP
REAR| Main: 32MP, F1.7
Ultra Wide: 8MP, F2.2 (123°)
Depth: 5MP, F2.2

FRONT| Selfie: 32MP, F2.0
REAR / FRONT | Main: 48MP, F2.0
Ultra Wide: 8MP, F2.2 (123°)
3D Depth
Rotating Camera
Battery4,000mAh4,000mAh4,500 mAh3,700mAh

With the Samsung Galaxy A30 and A50 now set aside, out of the four devices, two of the devices in question, if true, would be better-equipped than the Galaxy A50, namely, the Galaxy A60 and A90. However, based on the teaser image Samsung published for the Galaxy A event, it’s likely that we may see Samsung revealing three devices at the event. Whether that ends up being the case is yet to be seen. Just don’t be shocked if you see the fourth device popping out of nowhere. What those three devices may be is yet to be seen.

Much Beefier Internals

Leaks have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy A60 would pack a larger 6.7-inch display paired with either 6/8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, giving you 128GB of internal storage as its only option. Regarding the SoC behind the A60, the leak suggested that the A60 would feature Qualcomm’s SM6150 SoC, an SoC that emerged from the rumors hill back in December 2018.

Regarding the Samsung Galaxy A90, it seems like the Samsung Galaxy A90 would be a major device. Although the Galaxy A90 has been renamed, it seems like the Galaxy A90 would be a killer of a device, or as we call it in our tamed emotions, an important device that’s actually prompting Samsung to hold a dedicated event for itself.

To keep our speculations within bounds and taking the Galaxy A60 leaks as a reference, we may possibly be looking at a Galaxy A90 packing a 6.7-inch display paired with either 6/8GB of RAM. However, only this time, Samsung may even include an additional storage option for those who care about it. Regarding the SoC, we would hope and speculate to see Samsung utilize their in-house SoCs, more specifically, the Exynos 9810, the same SoC that powered Samsung’s fleet of 2018 flagships. However, we may even get to see a Qualcomm processor. Alongside the Qualcomm SM6150 leak, we also saw the SM7150 lurking alongside it.

A Quadruple Camera Setup

Regarding camera setups, we may get to see Samsung launching either one of these devices with a quad camera setup at its rear. Given that the Samsung Galaxy A50 features a triple-camera setup, we could consider the fact that Samsung’s upcoming device, the A60 at least, would feature a triple camera setup.

Samsung’s meta of triple cameras on their Galaxy A-series of devices has consisted of the main camera, an ultra-wide camera, and a depth sensor. While that is the case with the Galaxy A50, Samsung has made the depth camera a standard, landing the depth camera sensor on the Galaxy A30 as well. Given that neither of these devices features a telephoto camera, we could speculate that there may be a possibility that we may see a telephoto camera on the Galaxy A90. If true, the highest-end Galaxy A device may feature a quadruple rear camera setup just like the Galaxy S10 5G that Samsung teased at their S10 Unpacked event last month, although Samsung may want to save those golden camera sensors for the S10 Plus 5G.

And while we don’t want to throw numbers regarding the Galaxy A90’s megapixel count, we may very well see a 48MP camera sensor on the device if the leaks turn out to be true, allowing Samsung to take on its Chinese rivals hand-in-hand.

Larger Batteries

Rumors have suggested that the Samsung Galaxy A60 would come with a 4500mAh battery. However, with the Galaxy A90, there’s a good chance that the Samsung Galaxy A90 may come with a 5000mAh battery.

Samsung had flexed its muscles with the Samsung Galaxy M30 earlier thanks to its incredible internals and 5000mAh battery. We’d bet that if all the leaks are true, Samsung wouldn’t mind pushing a 5000mAh battery on the A90. However, there are some concerns and reasons why we would doubt our predictions. If Samsung were to offer a 5000mAh battery on the Galaxy A90, the Galaxy A90 may suffer from being too thick of a device. And then given that Samsung’s Galaxy A-series of device target users who want the best of premium features and decent specifications, Samsung may settle for a 4500mAh battery on either device.


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