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Team Sonic Racing’s New Customization Trailer Revealed – Groove Out Your Ride With Glowing Parts

Sega announced Team Sonic Racing in may of last year after having huge amounts of success with Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces, their two prior titles. has revealed a trailer showcasing customization options for their latest title at their Sonic the Hedgehog panel from SXSW in Austin. The game is set to be released on May 21st, 2019, on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. Sega

Sega already came out and announced some of the main features for the game. Them being Online Multiplayer, Co-op modes, and Team Racing. They have just revealed details on the customization elements of the game, specifically, customizability of the cars. You get to do Performance modifications, change the horns, repaint your car, and apply new vinyl. Since each character has his own specific car that you can not change, this is a welcome change for those who want to play sonic but may not prefer his car specifically based on looks or the performance stats.

You get to modify only three sections of your car to improve the performance. The Front, Rear, and Wheels. These three aspects visually change the shape of the car and improve performance. This could be like adding a new back bumper with a wing or a front bumper with grills that may affect aero. By no means are these performance improvements realistic similar to other racings games like the Needs for Speeds series and such.

Team Sonic Racing's New Customization Trailer Revealed - Groove Out Your Ride With Glowing Parts 4

Repaint your car with 3 preset color zones and a glow zone for each car if equipped. You also have at least a dozen different paint finishes or surface types that you can use to really make your car look like it’s glowing or perhaps have a matte appearance with no reflection at all. Lastly, you have Custom Vinyls to personalize your groovy ride even more. Just like with painting your car, you have 3 different color zones here with different surfaces to choose from.

Sega has had huge success with their last two Sonic titles, Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. Especially Sonic Mania which has had some of the best ratings from critics and is the best rated Sonic Game in 25 years. Compared to that, Sonic Forces was a bit lackluster. It was a good game in its own regards though. With the latest entry in the series being a Kart Racer, Sonic fans reasonably will not be happy.

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