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Valve Index Is Going To Be The New VR Headset For Steam Gamers

Valve has begun the hype train today for its new VR headset. The teaser comes months after SteamDB managed to spot a logo for the device filed under the EUIPO.

This year, Wccftech expects to see an even wilder field of view from the new headset after, UploadVR, another news publication, managed to get their hands on a few images of the VR headset a while ago. It is said that the new Valve Index would feature a 135° FoV paired with a 1440 x 1660 resolution per eye to enhance the gaming experience this year. And while it may not seem much of a big deal, it seems like Valve has done its homework well this time around given how much the teaser image has revealed so far.

As far as release dates goes, the teaser image has suggested that the new VR headset from Valve could be coming as early as May 2019 which seems to be around the corner now that March is finally on its last leg.

Given how much feedback Valve has accumalated over the past few weeks and how much the VR industry has shifted over the past few years, we’re hoping to see Valve make their whole VR gameplan stick this time around now that Sony has its own PSVR headset in the game.Judging by the tech itself, unlike Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, it seems like the Valve Index would not be cheap at all. So expect a price tag that matches previous Vive VR headset releases unless Valve has a stunner saved to for, but at this point, it seems unlikely. Nevertheless, can’t wait to see what Valve has in store for VR this time around.

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