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Fortnite Creative Islands Launched – Experience Community Made Maps & Games

Epic Games has been consistently been wary of their recent moves. After launching Fortnite Creative last year, Epic Games has decided to bump up the game with the launch of Fortnite Islands today.

With Fortnite Creative Islands, players would be able to experience the best of the community, pushing Fortnite’s custom map game to the upper echelons of enthusiasm. And while Epic hasn’t given a ton of details, it seems like all of these maps are going to come with 12-digit codes that everyone may need to use to get a copy of the map.

So far, Epic has showcased a number of games and possibilities. However, given how large the Fortnite community, we know that it would only get better from here moving forward. We’re looking at game modes that involve golfing, sniping, death runs and a whole lot more.

The new mode is out now. And although Epic hasn’t offered the map codes in text, here are a few maps that you could enjoy, followed by the codes that you may need to enter to jump into that map.

  • Sky Snipes – 1743-2048-4798
  • Mini Golf – 6297-1471-3952
  • Deathrun 3.0 – 4043-5793-6999

These maps are definitely incredible and worthy of showcases for now. Hopefully, folks would be able to take this to the next level. Can’t wait to see how far folks push this new mode. After all, it’s in Epic’s best interest to retain the attention of its players for as long they could, just like any other gaming developer.

Usman Abdul Jabbar

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