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Samsung Galaxy S10 Series To Recieve A Camera Software Buff Soon, Tipster Confirms

Smartphone cameras have come a long way and with them the competition has taken a sharp turn. Innovators have stepped up their game by adding multiple sensors in a phone and by improving the image processing software significantly. Flagships like the Huawei P30 Pro have taken smartphone photography up a notch by implying the RYB colour code production than the traditional RGB light which allows what Huawei claims to be 40% more efficient. This technology has put rivals like the iPhone XS, Pixel 3 XL and even the Galaxy S10 to shame especially in low light conditions.

Samsung though hasn’t accepted defeat just yet and is reportedly working on a buff of the Galaxy S10’s night mode. Leaked by the trustworthy Ice Universe, the tweet states that Samsung updating the camera algorithm of the device which would most certainly ensure quality improvement, especially in low light conditions. And while not all hope is lost we certainly have to credit Samsung on doing a wonderful job with the Galaxy S10’s cameras. The new update would act as a cherry on top and would equip the S10 series smartphones to compete with the ever growing competition.

The update itself is expected to launch later this April or May 2019. This news though is a major relief for enthusiasts since the phone performs desirably. One of the editors here has just wrapped up the Galaxy S10 Plus review and the camera performance while being a major upgrade over last year proved to be very inconsistent. The power of image processing and intelligent AI is perfectly depicted with Google Pixel smartphones. We’ve seen how ordinary sensors outperform rivals with quality image processing and intelligent scene recognition. Moreover, the Google camera app itself has proved useful in various different phones raising the standard of photography significantly especially in low light conditions where Night Sight is activated.

This move by Samsung has definitely raised hopes for enthusiasts and we altogether expect image processing and intelligent AI on par with Google’s software or better. The Galaxy S10 series is undoubtedly the benchmark phone of 2019 and Samsung would most certainly want it to set an example in the camera department as well.

Ibtehaj Temuri

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