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Nokia 8.1 Plus User Manual Leaked – Early Leaks Surface

Nokia is on a smartphone spree as 2019 takes HMD Global to the top with a new fleet of updated Nokia devices ready for consumers. Nokia just a couple of months ago revealed the Nokia 8.1 with immense potential and an amazing set of features targetting the upper mid-range market. While not much time has passed ever since its release, new rumours regarding the Nokia 8.1 Plus have already started to surface.

Today, we’ve uncovered the leaked user manual of Nokia’s 8.1 Plus which went live on Nokia’s official website and was then immediately removed. Kudos to whoever pointed out and posted it on Reddit. The manual itself reveals quite a few details about the device, its design and basic geometric features.

Nokia 8.1 Plus User Manual Leaked - Early Leaks Surface 7

Right off the first image, we see the front and back of the device. The front consists of a punch hole design display which has been the trend lately. The Nokia 8.1 offered a notched design and this punch hole design definitely seems like an upgrade. Moreover, the device is pretty sleek with an overall edge to edge display. As for the back of the device, the Nokia 8.1 Plus is most likely to host a triple camera setup. Our speculation would suggest that Nokia here would opt for a standard primary shooter with an ultra wide angle lens along with a depth-sensing sensor but Nokia is known to have its ways as we’ve uncovered in the Nokia 9.

Nokia 8.1 Plus User Manual Leaked - Early Leaks Surface 8

As we move towards the sides of the phone, we notice the fact that the phone would, in fact, support dual SIM Cards or a single SIM Card paired with a Micro SD Card. This shows that the 8.1 Plus would not cease expandable storage capacity like various other smartphones and would provide support for expandable storage cards. Moreover, the phone seems to feature an under display fingerprint sensor. Now, considering how the Nokia 9 failed miserably when it came down to biometric security we would expect Nokia to step up and offer a more sound, accurate and quick sensor. While ultrasonic sensors are already a thing, it is highly unlikely that Nokia would ship its budget variant with a better fingerprint sensor than its successor, the Nokia 9.

Nokia 8.1 Plus User Manual Leaked - Early Leaks Surface 9

While these may be very early predictions for the Nokia 8.1 Plus we can’t rule out the possibility of them being correct. Nokia’s smartphone game has been on point and we expect them to step up and outperform competitors in the mid-range market. However, we do advise to take these with a pinch of salt just in case.

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