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OnePlus Teams With EE To Bring 5G Technology In The U.K, Launch Event Reveals

The OnePlus 7 has just been announced officially by the manufacturer. The device was the most anticipated upper mid-range smartphone of the year and after a plethora of leaks and rumours, the phone is officially live. Amidst all the hype regarding the premium features of the phone, OnePlus has officially taken a couple of steps towards 5G.

OnePlus has partnered with EE telecom a British telecom company and a division of the BT group to provide blazing fast 5G technologies throughout the U.K. The telecom company has been the leader when it comes to 4G technology in the U.K and stayed on top for over 5 years providing the best in class performance to users. Today, paired with the new OnePlus Pro 7 series smartphones, EE has taken 5G a step further and announced their game plan for the U.K markets.

The company has announced six major cities throughout the country bringing faster speeds than ever before starting from London, Cardiff, Belfast, Edinburgh, Manchester and Birmingham. EE also plans on adding 10 more cities into their coverage and provide an all-round 5G panel to Britain. One thing of notice here is the fact that EE would be the first to bring 5G speeds to the country and having OnePlus by their side would definitely boost sales significantly.

Together with OnePlus, EE plans on continuing its glorious record with 5G and OnePlus. Moreover, they have also launched a wonderous deal of providing free upgrades to a select 50 OnePlus 6T users on their network to the latest and greatest OnePlus 7. While most smartphones have already hopped on the 5G bandwagon, OnePlus while being late to the party has some perks.

The OnePlus 7 Pro would be the first 5G ready device paired with the first 5G telecom network in Britain for enthusiasts and would definitely attract a wide array of users to their service. Furthermore, OnePlus’s reputation is already cemented in our modern day markets. That paired with its unique market attack would definitely bring in qualitative sales not just in the U.K but in Europe as a whole.

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