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Samsung’s Upcoming Smartphones To Be Completely Bezel-less, States VP Yang Byung

Samsung’s smartphone has been on point for the last few years. The Korean manufacturer has been giving extra attention to its flagship series smartphones and working tirelessly to innovate more and more. The competition, however, is tough with a ton of brands trying to achieve a certain goal.

A Chinese news site reported that Samsung would most certainly be working on a completely bezel-less and notch-less smartphone. It is stated that Samsung’s vice president of the display R&D group, Yang Byung-Duk intimated about the possibility of a ‘perfect full-screen’ display. This could mean that upcoming Samsung devices would house a completely bezel-less display with no intrusions. He stated,

“technology can be developed to the extent that the camera hole is invisible and does not affect the functionality of the camera.”

Samsung out of all has been pretty straight forward with its smartphones and has been very positive with the Galaxy S10. With the iconic punch hole design display the S10 took screen real estate to a whole new level leaving behind notches and bezels in the dust. As 2019 moves on, the race for the most effective screen to body ratio continues. Smartphones have come with incredible ideas such as a rotary mechanism and a slider mechanism on the Oppo Find X and the Mi MiX 3 respectively.

Having a front camera sensor under the display would mean that no sort of punch hole or notch would be necessary to be carved into the display meaning a seamless design with a smooth and uninterrupted experience. With competitors still aiming for a punch hole display, Samsung is already two steps ahead of the competition. Despite poor sales in the previous quarter Samsung is determined on making the perfect bezel-less display smartphone.

Once again just like the S10, we expect this technology to be properly implemented next year. The S11 would be the first phone to house such technological feats just like the S10 does considering today’s standards. This would open a new market place for completely bezel-less smartphones and Samsung is most likely to lead the pack. Having years worth of experience in the smartphone industry and the display industry, the Galaxy devices have always had superior displays and we hope that the upcoming devices hold up to the standards.

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