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CS: GO Update Brings Overhaul To The Kill Feed & Various Tweaks

Valve’s been on the move with CS: GO lately with a series of updates after the end of the Operation Shattered Web. The game has received a ton of updates as compared to previous times. This update, however, brings a brand new kill feed for every mode in the game. Now the kill feed was in fact updated once before introducing flash assists for players as a neat little detail however the CS: GO devs have gone all out this time.

CS: GO Update Brings Overhaul To The Kill Feed & Various Tweaks 4

The new kill feed features icons for blind kills, no scopes, kills through smokes and all those make it through on a single line. Considering how often these sort of events take place in the game makes it special with some recognition on the kill feed.

Furthermore, the update adds a 1v1 arena for warmup in wingman games on inferno. Valve has previously added these arenas in various maps for wingman like vertigo and overpass etc. Inspired by community-based modes this is definitely a step towards the right direction with Valve listening more and more to its player base than ever.

Counter-Strike has always been the neglected child in Valve’s arsenal of video games but thanks to some serious competition from Project A also known as Valorant things have been on a swift roll for CS: GO. This new patch also brings countless bug fixes on the new Chlorine map with added adjustments like adding fences, changing ambient lighting and much more.

One more thing that valve fixed is that “sv_pure servers” will kick clients with added files in-game directory than the host server. This was a bug exploited by the community allowing players to load in pretty much a text file that enabled them to have a serious advantage over opponents in terms of audio.

It’s definitely a bit new for Valve to bring so many updates in just a course of a few weeks and players can’t be happier for sure. For complete patch notes click here.

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