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Dirt 5 Announced On Current & Next-Generation Platforms

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Dirt’s been one of the go-to games for simulation enthusiasts and petrol heads alike. With its revolutionary gameplay physics, appreciatable addon content and stunning visuals the Dirt series has taken over the simulation world by storm.

The latest addition to the franchise is Dirt 5 announced today by the developers. Now Dirt 5 is ready to make its way on current generation platforms as well as next-generation platforms like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. The announced trailer not only shows amazing next-generation visuals but a stunning career mode with a mesmerizing and engaging storyline featuring talents like Troy Baker and Nolan North.

With above 70 different unique routes across 10 locations across the globe, the global versatility and environment are definitely jaw-dropping and especially with next-gen graphics. Moreover, Codebreakers have done a wonderful job by adding an exciting new array of motor cars fitting the scenes as peanut butter goes along with jelly. Players should be seeing iconic legendary cars making a comeback and with that, we’re expecting a more engaging than ever gameplay system altogether.

Moving on to the more core details of the game, having a 4 player split-screen mode is definitely ambitious and would be interesting to see how it plays out on the Xbox Series X. Having that feature would act as a vital ingredient in making the home-couch gaming experience more interesting and entertaining. With that, they’ve added bits and pieces here and there like adding a proper revamped Photo mode for a more complete experience.

Dirt 5 Announced On Current & Next-Generation Platforms 1

Dirt 5 would undoubtedly be considered as a vital benchmark game for comparing current and next-gen graphics and gameplay surely. The predecessor, Dirt 4 was a widely accepted simulator and we hope that Dirt 5 lives up to its forefathers.

The game itself is set to release later this year around the month of October. Available on both current and next-generation platforms, with a special 120fps/ 4K UHD package on the Xbox Series X. Given how Microsoft is on the move with the release of Xbox Series X with no noticeable delays it’ll be interesting to see how Dirt keeps up with release dates. Preorders begin today here.


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