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Xbox Series X Production On Time For French Release, Confirms Director of Xbox France

The COVID-19 pandemic has totally changed the outlook of the year 2020 with almost every planned event, release and showcase disrupted. With that being said, next-generation consoles for the upcoming cycle are planned for release later this year. Major events being called of set alarms amongst enthusiasts about the late release of the upcoming generation with fans expecting an inevitable delay.

In an interview with Xboxygen, Ina Gelbert, Director of Xbox France stated that the consoles are in fact underway on time and would make their way later this year as planned. While this may be a relief for fans and enthusiasts, Ina stated that the scheduled release was under a clear threat given how work stopped in Chinese factories. However, now that everything is back on track the production line seems to go smooth and would meet the mark on the desired time.

Furthermore AMD accelerated its Chip production to assist the release of the new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. The Director also confirmed that the products are on their way right now and that it is more than likely that players would get their console on time. Unless of course there’s a complication regarding the uncertain spread of the pandemic which might alter the course of events planned as we speak.

Phil Spencer recently stated that the consoles are fit for their timely release yet videogames might suffer from their release schedules since most of the developers are staying home which might delay the release by an uncertain amount of time. As for the Xbox Series X, it is more than certain now that the consoles are to make their way on time without any planned delays.

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