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Xbox Series X To Release “On Time”, Says Phil Spencer

Microsoft’s next-generation console for consumers named the “Xbox Series X” is to make its debut later this year. Amid this Covid 19 outbreak fans were having second thoughts if Microsoft will be able to deliver on time.

While the pandemic itself has caused a global slowdown in many if not all sects of development. Phil Spenser the CEO of Xbox in an interview with CNBC confirmed that the new Xbox would, in fact, deliver on time. He stated that the production on the console itself has been optimal and as expected. The new consoles are sure to make their way into the consumer market.

However, things haven’t completely been all nice and dandy for the American giant. Phil further adds that he fears that this wouldn’t affect much to the console itself rather the game companies. With many of the upcoming titles delayed Xbox seems to be on the right path with the right pace as of now.

In a world where games like The Last Of Us 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 are to delay even more than they were supposed to, Microsoft’s Halo series is to make its way on time at Q4 2020 along with the Xbox Series X.

Moreover during this quarantine gaming has seen explosive growth since more and more people practise social distancing and with that, it is key for tech giants to keep pushing out content. Phil also stated that they won’t push things when they’re certainly not ready.

The Xbox Series X is a direct competitor to the upcoming PlayStation 5 and the way this looks it may have the upper hand as of yet. Microsoft also confirmed the first-ever gameplay demo on the console scheduled for later this week. Certainly, gaming is on the rise and it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out for Microsoft in times of despair.

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