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Nintendo Partners Up With LEGO For A Special Edition NES Set – Expected MSRP Around $200

Nintendo’s always regarded as one of the most versatile giants in the modern gaming industry. With its unique game plan and unarguable tactics, things have looked bright for the company ever since it expanded. For a company whose motto revolves around the entertainment for non-gamers alike, it definitely is something interesting.

As reported by a German site, the Japanese videogame giant is partnering up with LEGO for a special edition NES LEGO set targetted at collectors offering a unique model. While the images of the set have in fact surfaced, the actual announcement is set for August 1st.

Nintendo Partners Up With LEGO For A Special Edition NES Set - Expected MSRP Around $200 4

Moreover, the LEGO account on Instagram further teased the NES. Undoubtedly one of the most iconic consoles of all time, the NES has a special place in everyone’s heart and the fact remains that over time everything related to the original NES is to become highly collectable.

However, there’s been a little dispute amongst enthusiasts regarding the leaked retail price of the whole set. The complete set is expected to cost approximately $200 which is something more than an actual Nintendo NES would cost. While the whole set is something admirable with a complete set fit with a TV, console and controller yet paying this much for a collectable is something questionable for many.

Nothing is set in stone regardless of the fact that it targets very specific audiences it is incredible to see how Nintendo has actively made progress outside the gaming department.

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