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PS VR Support Set To Debut On Dreams By July 22

Dreams have been a phenomenal platform for both gamers and developers to lay down their ideas and explore their creativity in ways one wouldn’t expect. Indie devs benefitted from the platform solely on the basis of talent and feedback which is something rarely given in the modern gaming industry.

As time flew past the powerful Dreams software garnered more and more attention and with time we’ve come to a point that the folks over at Dreams are to add PS VR support to the already versatile game development software.

PS VR Support Set To Debut On Dreams By July 22 4

VR has been called the future of gaming for over a few years now. Despite many setbacks and the lack of proper enjoyable games, the platform has made steady progress. With Dreams, it always seemed as if something was missing and that the whole experience wasn’t complete.

PS VR seems to be the solution. Players can play and enjoy VR games made by developers were sculpting a vivid immersive environment is given priority above all else. Moreover, non-VR players can also take advantage of this upcoming update by playing the titles in non-VR modes.

With multiple testing grounds and tutorials set up for both the gamers and developers it certainly is the step in the right direction. Adding more versatility and range to the Dreams title. For a complete rundown of features visit the Dreams Roadmap here.

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