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Samsung Reveals Their New 8TB 870 QVO SSD For The Masses

Samsung continues to push the heights of computer storage every year. As the shift from traditional hard drives to SSDs continues, the demand for larger storage options increases. Samsung’s latest announcement, featuring the 8TB 870 QVO SSD could definitely turn some heads.

This new addition to Samsung’s SSD lineup further cements Samsung’s line of SSDs. With the announcement of the new SSD, Samsung’s also promising some generational improvements. According to Samsung, the new 870 QVO SSD features 13% faster random read speeds as well as subjectively better read and write speeds. The SSD features Samsung’s usual Intelligent Write technology in an effort to optimize reads and writes to the drives as well as keep the drive in pristine condition for the years to come.

The 870 QVO is rated for an endurance rating of upto 2,880 terabytes written (on the 8TB model) and read/write speeds around the usual 560MB/s and 530MB/s mark for those wondering, just about maxing out the SATA 3 speeds.

CategorySamsung 870 QVO
InterfaceSATA 6 Gbps
Form Factor2.5-inch
Storage MemorySamsung V-NAND 4-bit MLC (QLC)
ControllerSamsung MKX Controller
Capacity8TB, 4TB, 2TB, 1TB
Sequential Read/Write SpeedUp to 560/530 MB/s
Random Read/Write SpeedUp to 98K/88K IOPS
Management SoftwareSamsung Magician
Total Bytes Written2,880TB (8TB)
1,440TB (4TB)
720TB (2TB)
360TB (1TB)
WarrantyThree-year limited warranty

The 870 QVO series of SSDs are expected to come in storage options ranging between the 1TB and 8TB mark, with the 1TB variant retailing for about $129.99 as per Samsung’s expectations.

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