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Samsung Reportedly Considering Revival of The Headphone Jack On Its Flagships

Samsung is reportedly bringing back the headphone jack in its upcoming smartphones. Tipped by a trusty leaker, the Korean tech giant is in the midst of talks on the pros and cons of the decision. While bringing it back on the S series would definitely raise hype, on the other hand, the Note series fits in more naturally since the Note platform stands for a do-it-all smartphone.

Samsung being one of the leading smartphone manufacturers has had a huge impact on the general smartphone trends and traditions over the course of these past years. However, not everything has been about bringing new features and setting a trend. In the case of the infamous headphone jack, keeping it on your flagship phone became a rather unique trend.

While most manufacturers have ended up removing the headphone jack as technology progressed in the wireless audio equipment sector, Samsung gained popularity amongst conservative smartphone users and for good reason. Having the option for a wired connection is never a bother yet other brands started to ponder whether the outdated platform was even worth space and price.

Samsung unexpectedly pulled the plug on their recent generation smartphones with recent phones having no headphone jacks at all. While the Galaxy Buds do offer a decent alternative option things arent quite the same without one.

While nothing is set in stone recent moves by Samsung have definitely been questionable it is definitely going to be interesting to see how they manage to bring back something like a minute headphone jack. Listening to its audience is Samsung’s best bet in the matter, to say the least.

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