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Emily In Paris Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Plot And Storyline

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I’m the guy you see dancing in the rain in the middle of the night. Pursuing my bachelor’s in literature, I love to read and write and I’m somewhat of a decent storyteller. A die-hard fan of Miyazaki and Murakami and my go-to quote is “The past is a foreign country, we do things differently there”.

Bonjour! Binge-watchers, Younger and Sex, and The City writer-director Darren Star’s brand-new Netflix series have us all falling in love with the lovely City of Lights as Emily tries to find her feet in France. Inevitably, Emily in Paris did not go quite according to plan, but that just adds to its appeal. Emily and her new coworkers had to deal with everything from insane love triangles to workplace mishaps. Who knows where our favorite Savoir employees will end up next. Moreover, will we be returning to Paris for season 2 of craziness?

Here’s everything we know about Emily in Paris Season 2.

Emily In Paris Season 2 Release Date

The much-awaited sequel to the Emily in Paris season one is just around the corner and will be gracing our screens just before Santa drops our gifts into the chimney. Maybe someone asked about the renewal of the show as a Christmas gift. Emily in Paris is scheduled to drop on Netflix on December 22.

Emily In Paris 2 Trailer

Is it any surprise that Emily in Paris is having a hard time forgetting the night of passion she spent with Gabriel in a released recently Season 2 trailer? After their torrid fling, Gabriel chose not to go to Normandy because of the lasting influence it made on him.

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Cami, Gabriel’s ex-girlfriend, and Emily’s best friend are now skeptical of his decision to stay in Paris. Emily is adamant in her conversation with Mindy about the necessity of her doing so. Oops!

Watch the trailer here:

Emily In Paris Season 2 Cast

Lucien Laviscount will join Emily In Paris Season 2 as Emily’s other love interest. In the words of the deadline, Laviscount will play the role of a Londoner who “refuses to talk French, or engage himself in French society.” After first serving as Emily’s antagonist, it appears that their connection eventually blossoms into something enchanting and passionate.

As a British banker, he’s “unlike Emily, he earns to live, rather than lives to earn,” he explains. Playing football or enjoying a drink with his friends in an English-speaking pub is what he’d rather be doing right now.”

Also in addition to the protagonist Lily Collins, the cast includes Ashley Park (Mindy), Bruno Gouery (Julien), Samuel Arnold (Luc), William Abadie (Antoine Lambert), Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Sylvie Grateau), Lucas Bravo (Gabriel), Camille Razat (Cami).

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The Emily Season 2 is packed Y’all!

Emily In Paris Season 2 Plot

The official synopsis of Emily & Paris Season 2 reads:

“After stumbling into a love triangle with her neighbor and her first real French friend, Emily is determined to focus on her work — which is getting more complicated by the day. In French class, she meets a fellow “expat” — aka Alfie — “who both infuriates and intrigues her.”

Talking to the deadline, Lily said that she doesn’t what more Paris has in-store for her and her romantic life but she assured us that Camille is still a part of it.

“I don’t know what they’re writing right now,” Collins said, “but I think it would be a little early for Emily to lock something in. I think she’s still exploring the prospects. Honestly, I think Emily doesn’t even know [what will happen], and that’s the beauty of the way that they write the show. She has yet to find all the qualities she maybe is looking for. But that being said, there is that connection with Gabriel, but now she has Camille in that love triangle, so I think there’s still experiences to be had, adventure to be had and she’s still finding herself.”


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