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[Watch] Colombian Singer Karol G Fall Amidst Her Miami Performance: Here’s What Happened

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A recent video is right now circulating among both the fans and non-fans of the Colombian Singer Karol G. The footage showcases the singer suffering a terrible fall from the stage. Colombian Singer Karol G Fall Amidst Her Miami Performance – Here’s What Happened

Karol G was on a concert in Miami, more specifically the singer was on a show as a part of her U.S. tour. But unfortunately, due to some unforeseen reason, Karol G slipped from the staircase while performing a song- ‘Ahora Me Llama.’

Colombian Singer Karol G Fall Amidst Her Miami Performance - Here's What Happened

This moment must have been so embarrassing for the singer as there were thousands of her fans around; besides, a lot among them were shooting it live. In the words of the singer herself, “All my nails broke. I think I broke my knee. Everything hurts”. This indicates that the fall was a troubling event, both for the fans and the singer herself. 

Also, the moment was a kind moment as all the back dancers and supporters immediately came for help in order to rescue her. The showmanship of the concert was saved, as not much after, singers of the song- Tusa and Bachata resumed the fan’s excitement. The moment was exceedingly hurtful and even sad for the Colombian singer herself as she broke into tears. In her own words, Kelly G said- “But nothing, do you think I’m leaving after you fill this arena for the first time in my life”?

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Many of the fans who shared the incident on social media were rather supportive and were encouraging enough, thus to wish her blessing and wellness. However, this incident would not be affecting her performances on the 27th and 28th November for Bichota Tour 2021, San Juan in Puerto Rico.

Although the details of her injuries were not let out, we still hope that she is doing okay. Yet, we know from her posts that the Grammy Award Winning Singer, Karol G, 30, will be in high spirits as her comeback in her upcoming performances. 


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