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Celebrate Cookie Run: Kingdom’s 2nd Anniversary With Us! Find Out More Details Here!

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Devsisters has announced strategies to celebrate the second anniversary of Cookie Run Kingdom. The “Invitation since the Slumbering Moon” update will include new cookies, events with loots, features, customizations, and more. A brand-new Cookie Run Kingdom episode will also be encompassed in the celebration.

Cookie Run Kingdom was first released in 2021 and has since become a hit among mobile gamers. There are now 50 million players worldwide. Cookie Run Kingdom has also won “Best Community,” “Best Update,” and “People’s Choice” honors since its release. Cookie Run Kingdom has been often updated since its launch, with its previous update free in December 2022.

The new Cookie Run Kingdom story involved in the anniversary update is titled “Dream Express,” and is the newest episode. The chapter will contain GingerBrave and his friends on a journey to the legendary City of Wizards. As for new events, “Woof! Cake Hound Frenzy” gives troupes the accidental to earn rewards by fighting cake wolfhounds. Each 30-second battle will make players’ “Cake Crumbs” and “Glowing Cake Crumbs,” which can be traded for valuable items.

New cookie friends comprise Moonlight Cookie and Milky Way Cookie. The Moonlight Cookie is described as a magical cookie created by ancient wizards. Her unusual power is dropping stars on enemy heads to source damage-increasing debuff. On the flip side, she also shines moonshine to put enemies to sleep and increase her own HP.

Milky Way Cookie is measured as the trustworthy conductor of the Dream Express and extra is the Cookie Run Kingdom charger cookie. She customs the “Sugarcloud Express” skill to gain specific buffs, including daze resistance for the team. Other powers comprise casting a shield to guard the entire team.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak
Cookie Run: OvenBreak

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Players can suppose new features to help them in building their kingdoms. “Kingdom Prosperity” provides an overview of monarchy details, such as the number of landmarks, Sugar Gnome Laboratory projects, and additional. Extra customization options allow players to customize enterprises for Fountain of Abundance, Arena Statue, and Kingdom backgrounds.

New landmark willpower is available to help players in “Might of the Ancients,” where players meet an Ancient Hero Cookie character done missions and stages in new game mode. Lastly, five new special coatings for specific cookies will also be included in the update.

Devsisters seems to have a clear plan on what players can expect in the Cookie Run Kingdom this year so far. With any luck, the anniversary chapter will add an extra special touch for those who have fixed with the game since the beginning. The chance to earn more Cookie Run Kingdom prizes is continuously a welcome one. With all the plans for Cookie Run Kingdom’s second anniversary shared with the information graphic results, the game is further solidifying its residence as a top contender in the mobile space.

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