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EA Sports Fumbled the Save Files of a Massive Number of Madden NFL 23 Franchises

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Sports is one of the chief markets in the world, and multiple developers have unconfined a host of sports games with the idea of making headway into the category. Scarce franchises have achieved outstanding success and become household names, with FIFA, NBA 2K, and Madden. EA Sports is the brain overdue the FIFA and Madden series, and despite constant patronage of its releases, the developer has been profoundly criticized for its lack of ingenuity.

It seems a sizable share of fans are consistently disappointed with the superiority on display in their favorite sports from EA Sports, and Madden NFL in specific has endured a flurry of bad reviews since its 2020 edition. There are plenty of complaints about vehicle gameplay and dissatisfying content, chief among which is Madden NFL’s Franchise Mode. Gamers are a scandalously impatient flock, and EA Sports cannot keep dipping the ball with one of its main attractions.

Madden NFL has relished the loyalty of a dedicated fan base since its inception, and the franchise has long since been chief of the gaming industry. The Franchise Mode has played a vital person in Madden NFL’s successes, featuring in every copy since Madden NFL 99.

The mode appeals to fans dry for the simulated dual duties of General Manager and Head Coach of an American Football team, and License Mode has drawn swathes of players to the EA Sports invention, beating out all competitors in the market. Of late, however, Madden NFL has derived under fire for the fan-favorite standard gameplay, and the developer needs to act fast to kind fans fall in love with the series once again.

EA Sports
EA Sports

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The franchise’s newest edition has been in the news for the wrong reasons lately, with its Franchise Mode recently stuck by a massive data storage issue. This bug caused the mainstream Madden NFL 23 players to lose they’re save files forever. There are few things in online gaming worse than losing periods upon hours of consistent grind, and gamers were justifiably indignant about the situation.

More infuriating is the fact this bug could have been avoided with rich communication on EA Sports’ part, and many have highlighted the reliably poor customer experience displayed by the developer as a painful opinion.

This isn’t the first time Franchise Mode has agonized from bugs, with an earlier update practically flouting Madden NFL 23. Bugs come with the territory of game development, but two major incidents in a scarce month don’t speak well of the developmental quality at the studios of EA Sports.

Buggy gameplay is far from the lone issue with the Franchise Mode, with the inconsistencies in Madden NFL 23’s physics well-documented. EA Sports had been getting some stick from its fans for its unrealistic motion in Madden NFL, and the latest edition tried to right the mistakes of its predecessors with its new FieldSense mechanics.

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