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In a Stunning Revelation, Bob Forrest Exposes the Untimely Death of Hollywood Icon River Phoenix.

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Life moves on with only memories in mind. 20 years had gone past after the suspicious tragic death of the Celebrity Rehab “River Phoenix”. So recently in an interview, Bob Forrest recalls the collapse outside the room of Viper.

The last Thursday marked 20 years of the death of River Phoenix. He actually died due to an overdose of the drugs. The death day of River is also known as the Black day of Hollywood. While recollecting the new memories Bob said that River Pheonix in his days was a drug addict and also a musician in the scenes of Hollywood.

While saying about the death day of River Phoenix he said that River claimed that he was suffering from an overdose. Unluckily after revealing the problem he collapsed for his last breath.

Forrest while saying about the book recalls every moment of the nightclub in Viper’s room. In that Viper room, the haunted moments were in the memories which considered Phoenix’s death as well. On that day in the Nightclub Pheonix along with the guitarist performed a song as well. As soon as he got emotional he also mentioned the crowd gathering on that day in that club.

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Someone in the crowd suddenly started sharing the coke as well. In the meantime, River started feeling bad and felt as bad as a boxer who had taken 15 headshots. He also said everything about the book as well. He also clearly said about the lack of Pheonix’s motor skills which made him think that he was completely drunk. He also used to take heroin so that he can stand still which makes him look thin. Though everybody was drunk nobody was falling or stumbling.

In remorse and broken voice, he also recalled the time when Phoenix approached him about the overdose he was going. In the nightclub, there was a fun band as well and on that day they really played it well.

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The moment was going completely well for everyone but suddenly the tap on Forrest’s shoulder changed everything. Forrest said that by that time River had turned Pale and white. Bob Forrest explained that River said that he was not feeling well and was drowning.

Forrest being a good friend said that he was completely in doubt about River Phoenix overdosing. Forrest said he had an eye on him and saw him deteriorate further. Forrest by being protective said that will he drop River home. River said no by saying he is completely fit. Suddenly the forest felt something and checked on River and saw him unconscious.

Without any delay, they took River and admitted him to the hospital to check on his health of him. He then found Samantha crying and knew that his friend is dead.

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