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Let’s Reminisce on Some of the Most Cherished Jamko Moments From Blue Bloods That We Love and Prefer!

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Prakriti Adak
Prakriti Adak
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Enthusiasts of Jamie Reagan and Eddie Janko, then known as “Jamko,” got their wish with the Blue Bloods Season 8 finale. Impartial when the will they/won’t felt like it would never end, Jamie besides Eddie jumped over the dating hurdle and got affianced!

It took this couple five full seasons to go from cohorts on the job to partners in romance, but they finally got there. But that doesn’t mean their forthcoming will be filled with wish looks over candlelit dinners.

Frank will positively have an opinion about these two lovebirds’ residual partners on the job, and we can’t interval to see it all play out now that Eddie has a bench at the Reagan Sunday family dinner.

Before headfirst into Blue Bloods Season 9 Episode 1, we’re looking back at Jamie and Eddie’s most unforgettable moments and what led them to roughly “I do.”

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Meet Major Edit “Eddie” Janko

Eddie initially showed up fresh out of the police academy on Blue Bloods Season 4 Episode 1. She was allotted to be Officer Jamie Reagan’s new partner. Little did they distinguish where that would lead!

Their First Hidden Assignment

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These two just observed like a couple right from the start, so the pretense to be out shopping for bridal rings was the perfect undercover project.

A Double Date Tops With a Kiss

Jamie and Eddie were respectively dating other people when they definite to go on a double date. But the lure can’t be denied and they ended up allocating a kiss to one another! Even if they swore it would never happen again, fans expected there was additional to come.

People Twitch To Question…

Jamie’s classmates begin to question whether he has feelings for his husband when emotions run high during hostility on the job.

Feelings Originate To a Head

Jamie and Eddie’s moods for one another resurface when Jamie invitations a woman to crash at his home and Eddie can’t hide her jealousy. But once again, these choose to set it all aside for the liquor of their partnership.

Wedding Guests

Jamie then Eddie go to a wedding together, as friends, but end up in regional lock-up when Jamie gets jealous and jumps into a brawl. In the end, a romantic slow dance has them questioning if an extra personal relationship is worth risking their qualified partnership.

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