Where Is Franklin From ‘My Wife and Kids’ Now in 2023? Discover His Shocking Transformation and Current Endeavors

If you watched the very underestimated ABC sitcom My Wife and Kids back in the day, then I know you recall Franklin Aloysius Mumford. He was the super intelligent, super talented piano-playing boyfriend of Kady Kyle, and who Kyle patriarch Michael (occupy yourself by Damon Wayans) would call on for responses/advice.

My Wife and Kids Franklin What is He Doing Now in 2023

Franklin was played by performer Noah Gray-Cabey, who at the time (2002-2005) was just a petite boy who turned to be a child prodigy into a fruitful acting career. He went from that series on to shows like Heroes (and later Heroes Reborn) and pictures like Lady in the Water.

All these years later he’s featuring the hit CBS medical drama Code Black and is nowhere near a little boy any longer (just as Parker McKenna Posey who played Kady, grew up fast too). Now is his 22nd birthday and he’s grown up to be quite the fine-looking and a buff new man. Yes, Noah has remained in the gym.

Take a look by hand at how the actor has grown up in honor of his 22nd Born Day. He’s originated a long way.

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Maybe you’ve been possession tabs on him since My wife and kids had ended, you would’ve seen him on the medical theatre Code Black or seen him as both a young and older form of the character Micah Sanders in Heroes and Heroes: Reborn. He was additionally known on the show for existence as the geeky, adorable, and loveable Franklin but boy oh boy has adolescence worked for him!

The early 2000s were fair of a silver age for family sitcoms, with shows like “8 Simple Rules” and “Malcolm in the Middle” increasing to primetime prominence. One show that truly gets unnoticed is the Damon Wayans sitcom “My Wife and Kids.” The demonstration ran for five seasons between 2001 and 2005 on ABC. The Kyle family consists of Michael and his wife Jay along with their three children Junior, Claire, and Kady.

The parents are known for using joking and sarcasm to deal with their somewhat aloof children. And while the show was never the most general of its time, it has aged favorably, with many viewers now learning and enjoying everything the Kyle family has to propose (via Reddit).

Let’s take a look at approximately untold truths about “My Wife and Kids” that are unquestionable to surprise even the major fans of this wonderful family sitcom.

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presented by Jazz Raycole. Her version of Claire is strong, sarcastic, and understood as the most brilliant of the three children. This Claire has the wit of her father Michael who is often seen outwitting his kids with his sense of humor.

Though, Raycole was notably absent from Season 2. In its place, actress Jennifer Freeman took over the part of Claire, who also underwent a drastic character change. This version of Claire is the popular, pretty, and ditzy descendant who’s often the butt of her parents’ goofy jokes

In detail, even his co-star Parker McKenna Posey, who occupies yourself, Kady, has gone through her lovely transition!

Air out Hollywood!

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