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Battlefield V Open Beta Players Unable To Join Servers – Servers Appear Full, But They Aren’t

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Usman Abdul Jabbar
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The Open Beta for Battlefield V has just kicked off. Players who pre-ordered the game or have subscribed to EA’s new Origin Access Premier plan should now be able to jump into the battlefield, or could they?

Well, it seems like the folks over at Battlefield V have started to take notice of the issue. A number of content creators and players have started to take their frustration to Twitter regarding the issue of joining servers in Battlefield V.

Since anyone would automatically perceive that this could be due to the tremendous flood of players flocking the game at once, players might have occupied all of slots in these servers. However, that isn’t the case. YouTuber, DannyOnPC expressed his issue regarding joining the servers. He noticed upon joining these servers that a ton of these servers are in fact not very full. In addition to that, players have been reporting that the joining time for these servers are insanely long.

Apparently the server with 7 slots in que was nearly empty? – DannyOnPC

As soon as the open beta launched, Battlefield’s Level Designer, Ludvig Kingfors took it to Twitter. We often don’t comment on how these stuff appear, but this was clearly savage.

However, it seems like devs have got on top of the issue and could be working on a potential fix very soon. Producer at DICE, Jaqub Ajmal has recommended players to keep trying. On Twitter he said,

Managed to matchmake and got into a server. Sorry for the issues, but keep trying and you should eventually get in.

In addition to that, DannyOnPC has also reported that Quickmatch seems to be broken for now. Given how long players are waiting to get into a server, it has to be a bug on DICE’s end that needs an extra check or two. Multiplayer Producer at DICE, David Surland had some insights regarding how quickmatch works in Battlefield V. He said…

Quickmatch will spawn a server when enough matchmake to it in the same region

He then further added…

Absolutely true, especially in the first hours I expect backend issues, server performance problems and as always some matchmaking tuning needed.

Then, North American Community Manager for Battlefield reported that they have taken the server issues into account. On Twitter he said…

BE ADVISED: We are aware of matchmaking and squad join issues currently affecting the Battlefield V Open Beta Early Access and our teams are working to resolve this as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Certainly this seems to be an issue on DICE’s front. However, given how active the developer’s Twitter handles are, I’m personally hopeful that these issues would resolve within the next 12-24 hours when the flame starts to tame a bit.

Certainly this should have given the folks over at DICE a taste for what’s about to come on September the 6th when even more players join the action. Let’s see how EA copes with this. Inevitably, they’re confidence in stability from the Battlefield 1 launch should sparkle here. Let’s hope that’s the case.


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