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Galaxy S10+, S10& S10 Lite To House 4000, 3500 & 3100 mAh Batteries

Only a few months remain for Samsung’s yearly release of their next big Smartphone. This year counts to be the 10th anniversary for the world-renowned Galaxy “S” series which took the world by storm. Up until now, we’ve learned quite a lot about the next flagship by Samsung dubbed to be the Galaxy S10 going to hit markets in three variants. The S10 will most definitely hold all sorts of candies for enthusiasts with neat features covering almost every sector with an infinity O display, decent camera setup and most importantly quality battery time. It seems that new leaks just keep on popping here and there. Once again thanks to our trusty Ice Universe we get a glimpse of what may be the back covers for all three variants of the Galaxy S10.

The leaked photo showcases the actual footprints of the device along with the battery capacity stated.
As we’ve uncovered before how Samsung approached all three of the variants by differentiating them in terms of the camera setups and the screen sizes but now it is clear that all three versions will have different battery sizes as well. The S10+ being the most advanced and top of the line model is expected to have a 4000 mAh battery while the S10 would house a 3500 mAh and the most budget-friendly option, the S10 Lite is to contain a 3100 mAh battery.
Galaxy S10+, S10& S10 Lite To House 4000, 3500 & 3100 mAh Batteries 4
Given the battery sizes and how Samsung is to keep the same chipset throughout the models, battery life will greatly be affected. The Galaxy Note 9, for instance, had a similar 4000 mAh battery paired with the Snapdragon 845 but as we’ve uncovered the Snapdragon 855 will greatly improve efficiency and we may see a 2-day battery life for once after all these years. The Galaxy Note 9 squeezed through a whole day without an issue and with the Snapdragon 855, numbers are bound to increase. Only a few months are left for the release and with these vital points covered, Samsung will make an entry into 2019 a bold statement for how they would want to pursue this year.

Last year wasn’t really great when it came to the old players’ thanks to the tough competition in the lower ladders by the Chinese manufacturers pushing innovation to the very edge. With Xiaomi intending to step into the international zone, Samsung would certainly not want to hold back any punches in this crucial time. Not to forget the 5G factor which has been thrown a lot quite recently. Samsung was to release a 5G version with beefed up internals and most importantly the X50 modem which would allow it to be the first 5G ready smartphone.

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