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5G Awareness Up By 44% Over First Half 2018, Report Suggests

5G’s interest has been gaining exposure over the past few months with awareness generally increasing across the public tech enthusiast or not. The technology itself matured over 2018 available to only a select users but with the release of the new X50 modem by Qualcomm, the platform took off.

As 2019 begins more and more smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 855 are starting to flood markets in hopes of taking a chunk of what seems to be a future market for smartphones. Latest results by NPD are here about the statistics of the awareness and the general interest of the US public in a survey they held. According to the report, two in every three consumers are aware of the technology and its benefits totally up to 64% in the second half of 2018. This is up 44% from the previous half of the year meaning that 5G has indeed made its place in the hearts of the general public with enthusiastic spirits.

Apart from that the report also claims to calculate the interest of consumers with their unique methodology. The report shows that 33% of smartphone owners show interest in purchasing a 5G ready device which would break multiple barriers of innovation. The ability to download huge files and stream media at insane speeds is undeniably the future which everyone would want to experience. Consumers with unlimited data plans have shown a 43% interest in purchasing the new technology but the most interest is shown by millennials coming in at a solid 49%.

While the results are pretty much positive throughout the chart one thing is for sure and that is the fact that 5G technology will result in sales and a holds potential to form a new market place for consumers. What strikes the most is the fact that the technology itself is in its early stages and has not yet gained ground throughout the globe. It’ll certainly take some time for it to settle down

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