Cooler Master Masterkeys MK730 Tenkeyless Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard

Cooler Master well known for their line of gaming products ranging from Computer components like Cases, Cooling, Power supplies to Gaming Peripherals like Mice, Keyboards and doing Audio as well. Cooler Master has just come out new Mechanical Keyboard in it’s Master Keys lineup as per their press release via email. Specifically, the little brother of the MasterKeys MK750, the MK730. The keyboard is priced at RM 479 or roughly US115$ and is availiable right now.

The MK 730 is the tenkeyless variant of the MK750 which can help you save desk space to gain that cleaner look or perhaps to get more space for your mouse. Maybe you like to game on the go and need a smaller, more compact keyboard with all the bells and whistles to fulfill your needs. Whatever it may be, this is one killer keyboard

At the heart of the keyboard reside mechanical Cherry MX switches that can hold up for 50 million keystrokes, so don’t worry and game away to your heart’s content. The keyboard comes in 3 flavors, Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red switches. Whatever your preference is, Cooler Master has got you covered.

This tenkeyless keyboard also comes with a clean design as can be seen in the pictures, probably the most aesthetically pleasing thing for some users would be the clear switches and floating keycap design as that looks really attractive and really brings the RGB factor of the keyboard one step higher. Below, you can see some of the main features highlighted by Cooler Master themselves.

There is more to this keyboard than just that though, Some other features include Hybrid Key Rollover, 6 key and N-Key Rollover so every keystroke is registered. Standard Key Layout for users wanting to personalize their keyboard even more. You can download their all new software to gain access to more advanced backlighting effects and macros. A Windows key lock options to prevent accidental presses during gameplay. Below is a spec sheet for the keyboard,

SpecificationsCM Masterkeys MK730
Switch TypeCHERRY MX Blue, Brown or Red
MaterialPlastic / Aluminum / PU Leather
ColorSmoky Gunmetal Aluminum Brush
LED ColorRGB, 16.7 million colors
Multi-media KeysThrough Function (FN) Key
Wrist restRemovable magnetic with soft PU Leather
CableDetachable braided USB Type-C (Included 1.8m cable)
Dimensions360 x 192 x 41.5 mm
360 x 183.5 x 41.5 mm
(Without Wrist Rest)
Product Weight (without cable)698g
Warranty2 years


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