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Nokia 9’s Under Display Fingerprint Sensor Is Not Accurate Enough For Today’s Standards – Spells Trouble For HMD Global

Having placed between a upper mid ranged price bracket, the Nokia 9 acts as a direct competitor to the Galaxy S10e and the iPhone XR yet holds a totally different mindset. Having a whopping 5 camera setup the phone has tilted a lot more towards its photographic abilities but that leaves its other areas lack luster. This can be proved by the fact that the fingerprint sensor under the display is one of the most inaccurate of this generation.

Upon testing, by quite a few tech enthusiasts it was found that the fingerprint sensor of the Nokia 9 is just not on par with modern day smartphones. Despite releasing in 2019 when the display technology perfected the Nokia 9 offers a very weak and inefficient sensor which forces users to switch to the inaccurate face sensor. The phone features a classic light sensor under the hood which when triggered shines a bright beam of light to capture the fingerprint.

The Nokia brand has been making its way in the modern smartphone market ever since its association with HMD Global. The Scandinavian tech giant has started off a fresh page and has produced remarkable Android smartphones these past couples of generations. The Nokia 9, announced recently is the company’s flagship grade device which is available now to enthusiasts.

Now, Samsung, on the other hand, has opted for a more accurate and more secure ultrasonic sensor but it definitely does not justifies such a dink in performance. Although the device holds potential and if these sort of issues continue to pop up then all the reputation built by the previous Nokia device would end up in the gutter.

The actual flaw here is yet unknown but chances are that the sensor itself is the culprit. Due to lack of testing and quality control one of the most important aspects of a phone, its security feature is left unattended. There still is a possibility that the light sensor is not shining enough light on the finger which allows the result to be imperfect and if that is the case then Nokia would certainly want to address it via software update as soon as possible.

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