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Redmi Pro 2 Leaked Poster Shows Flagship Specs & A Pop-Up Selfie Camera

After the separation of the Redmi brand from Xiaomi, the sub brand has released a few devices targetting the mid range and budget markets. The Redmi brand is known for its budget options with smartphones having quality specifications and a very accessible price point.

This all, however, is about to change. According to leak courtesy of Weibo, the poster for Redmi’s upcoming smartphone has leaked out showing what seems to be a successor to the Redmi Pro, the Redmi Pro 2. The leaks also reveal the basic internals of the phone and show that the phone would be powered by a Snapdragon 855 SoC with a pop-up selfie camera. Moreover, the phone is equipped with a triple camera setup with the main sensor being a 48 MP sensor. As for the miscellaneous features of the phone, leaks suggest that the phone would keep the headphone jack and would feature an under display fingerprint sensor.

Redmi Pro 2 Leaked Poster Shows Flagship Specs & A Pop-Up Selfie Camera 4

While the phone does look very high end considering the specifications, it really defeats the standpoint of the Redmi brand. With most of Redmi devices targetting the budget smartphone market while Mi phones cover a more premium market things are definitely going to be interesting. The pop up camera feature is unarguably the most astonishing especially in a budget device. Having a pop up camera would mean that the phone offers a seamless front display with no sort of notch or hole punch.

Although the pop up feature is pretty dated and was first introduced last year, having such a feature would still offer a sound experience especially if Redmi does not compromise on the pricing of the phone. In a world where Xiaomi’s Mi MiX lineup strives to minimize the bezels of a modern smartphone, having a pop-up camera would definitely stir the market for completely bezel-less phones.

Having so many different independent sub brands could prove fatal for Xiaomi and could potentially backfire if their products start to go up against each other. Recent leaks though suggest that Redmi plans on taking over and becoming a completely seperate entity anyhow.

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