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Over 66% Of Gamers Don’t Play On Any Console, Leaving Massive Gap For An Eco-system Lock – Study Confirms

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Ibtehaj Temuri
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According to a study by folks over at NPD, the gamer segment bound by any sort of console commitment amounts to only about 33% of the total player base. Leaving opportunity for console makers to make use of untapped loyal customers. While the other 2/3rds of the market is bound by smaller platforms like PC, Mobile, Portable, VR etc.

It is true that we’ve seen drastic measures taken to transform the whole console market. Things haven’t been the same as they were five years ago, to say the least. With the reveal of next-generation consoles it is evident that consoles are approaching the whole PC experience resembling features both in terms of experience and hardware more than ever.

We’ve seen minute changes brought about especially with Microsoft. PC and Xbox no longer seem like different platforms rather a singular Windows platform with the amount of effort brought about by Microsoft. Of course, the Xbox Game Pass has done a lot towards the cause and it seems that the appeal of consoles has increased exponentially.

We’ve heard Nintendo talk about how they plan on bringing non-gamers towards their stress-free game ideology. However, considering the fact that over 66% of gamers seemingly have no commitment there’s a lot going to waste. The recent situation of social distancing has also sparked a sort of awakening amongst enthusiasts.


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